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The term for account-specific applications or processes launched when a user logs in to their account has varied from Mac OS X Mac OS X If you are using third-party interface modifications or menu extras: Check for updates to them. Disable them.

Uninstall them. Tiger and later: Troubleshoot these via process-of-elimination: Log out, then in. If the problem is cured, one of the Startup or Login Items was the cause.

Use process-of-elimination to find the specific Startup or Login Item causing the problem: If the problem recurs, the last Startup or Login Item added is the culprit. Check with the vendor for updates or uninstall the related third-party application and report the problem to the vendor. Repeat steps a-c until all Startup or Login Items have been added back to your account.

In Finder, examine the contents of this folder to see if you can determine the third-party applications to which these Startup Items might belong. Move Command-drag the contents of this folder to your desktop Provide your Admin password if prompted to authenticate moving these objects. Restart your Mac. If this solves the problem, then one of these Startup Items was at fault.

Startup items

Use process-of-elimination to find the specific system-wide Startup Item causing the problem: You should only move multiple Startup Items back if they belong to the same third-party application. Instead of launching these items manually, you can designate them as startup items and let your Mac do the work for you. Log in to your Mac with the account you wish to associate with a startup item. A standard Finder browsing sheet will open. Navigate to the item you wish to add. Click once on it to select it, and then click the Add button.

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The next time you start your Mac or log in to your user account , the item s in the list will start up automatically. You can click and hold an item, and then drag it to the list.

Login items

This alternate method of adding an item can be useful for adding shared volumes, servers, and other computer resources that may not be easy to find in a Finder window. When you have finished adding items, close the System Preferences window. The next time you boot or log in to your Mac, the item s in the list will start up automatically.

If the item you wish to have automatically started at login is present in the Dock, you can use Dock Menus to add the item to the startup items list without ever having to open System Preferences.

Mac Startup items: How to stop programs from running at Startup

Right-click the app's Dock icon and select Options , Start at Login from the popup menu. You may notice that each item in the login items list includes a checkbox labeled Hide. Placing a check mark in the Hide box will cause the app to start up, but not display any window that may normally be associated with the app. This can be helpful for an app that you need to have running, but whose app window doesn't need to be viewed right away.