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Tom Lous' Blog: Installing Octave on Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Continue following the instructions at: Save it to the Desktop as playsamples. Double check.

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Execute this command in the Terminal. Save it to the Desktop as octaverc no. TextWrangler should open with a new document. Download and install Octave 3.

Copy octave. Right click and hold the Gnuplot.

Re: Octave install on Mac OS X 10.8.5

Or is there a better bundle that runs well on OS X Library not loaded: Incompatible library version: On Oct 11, , at I recommend that you use either a package manager Fink or Macports to install Gnuploit and Octave. Is there a reason you favor Mac OS I think I will need to spend some time getting to know the terminal side of the Mac better to make this work.

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  7. Ironically, I was able to get the Windows port of Octave running fine and drawing plots under Parallels on the Mac, which solves the immediate need. But I do want to get it worked out the other way. The full-disk encryption, incidentally, is not Apple. I did a quick search using brew search octave and got this: Simon Sheehan Simon Sheehan 7, 12 42 This is heading right direction: I still have issue with Xcode version because I am unable to update my apple id credentials and thus download from apple store.

    Install Octave on Mac OSX

    I got farther with this, but it did not complete successfully. I found a completely different way to do the octave installation not using homebrew and went with that.

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