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Ultimately, Mirage fell victim to the same inflated expectations that loomed over everything else the band would try to do in the immediate wake of their late-'70s sales peak.

Behind The Mask

Though it was the type of hit most other bands would kill for, it suggested Fleetwood Mac's biggest days were behind them. It'd be another five years before they regrouped for their next release, Tango in the Night , and that album's success wasn't enough to keep the lineup from fraying; Buckingham would depart before they could tour for Tango , and Nicks would follow after its follow-up, 's Behind the Mask. Yet with enough time, a growing number of fans — and the band members themselves — have come to develop a new appreciation for Mirage.

In spite of its somewhat difficult gestation, the record boasts a number of songs that have earned spots of honor in the Fleetwood Mac catalog — something a bemused-sounding Fleetwood noted while looking back on the album prior to its deluxe reissue in Motley Crue vs. Home News. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook.

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Top 10 Fleetwood Mac Songs. Welch left the band shortly after the move to form Paris. Early in , Fleetwood and McVie were auditioning engineers for the band's new album when they heard Buckingham-Nicks, an album recorded by the soft rock duo Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks. The pair were asked to join the group and their addition revived the band's musical and commercial fortunes. Not only did Buckingham and Nicks write songs, but they brought distinctive talents the band had been lacking. Buckingham was a skilled pop craftsman, capable of arranging a commercial song while keeping it musically adventurous.

Nicks had a husky voice and a sexy, hippie gypsy stage persona that gave the band a charismatic frontwoman. The new lineup of Fleetwood Mac released their eponymous debut in and it slowly became a huge hit, reaching number one in on the strength of the singles "Over My Head," "Rhiannon," and "Say You Love Me. While Fleetwood Mac had finally attained their long-desired commercial success, the band was fraying behind the scenes. The McVies divorced in , and Buckingham and Nicks' romance ended shortly afterward. The internal tensions formed the basis for the songs on their next album, Rumours.

Fleetwood Mac supported the album with an exhaustive, lucrative tour and then retired to the studio to record their follow-up to Rumours.


A wildly experimental double album conceived largely by Buckingham, 's Tusk didn't duplicate the enormous success of Rumours, yet it did go multi-platinum and featured the Top Ten singles "Sara" and "Tusk. Following the Tusk tour, Fleetwood, Buckingham, and Nicks all recorded solo albums. Fleetwood Mac reconvened in for Mirage. More conventional and accessible than Tusk, Mirage reached number one and featured the hit singles "Hold Me" and "Gypsy. The hiatus was due to a variety of reasons.

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Each member had his or her own manager, Nicks was becoming the group's breakaway star, Buckingham was obsessive in the studio, and each member was suffering from various substance addictions. Buckingham received the strongest reviews of all, but his album Go Insane failed to generate a hit. Fleetwood Mac reunited to record a new album in Buckingham, who had grown increasingly frustrated with the musical limitations of the band, decided to make it his last Fleetwood Mac project. When the resulting album, Tango in the Night, was finally released in , it was greeted with mixed reviews but strong sales, reaching the Top Ten and generating the Top 20 hits "Little Lies," "Seven Wonders," and "Everywhere.

The new lineup of the band recorded their first album, Behind the Mask, in It became the band's first album since to not go gold. Following its supporting tour, Nicks and Christine McVie announced they would continue to record with the group, but not tour.

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Vito left the band in , and the group released the box set 25 Years -- The Chain the following year. The classic Fleetwood Mac lineup of Fleetwood, the McVies, Buckingham, and Nicks reunited to play President Bill Clinton's inauguration in early , but the concert did not lead to a full-fledged reunion. The new lineup of Fleetwood Mac began touring in , releasing Time the following year to little attention.

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While the new version of Fleetwood Mac wasn't commercially successful, neither were the solo careers of Buckingham, Nicks, and McVie, prompting speculation of a full-fledged reunion in Soon these whispers proved to be true, as the classic Rumours quintet reunited for a live performance that became the album The Dance. The album performed well, debuting at number one on Billboard and generating an adult contemporary hit in the new version of "Landslide.

Not long afterward, Christine McVie announced she was leaving the band. Her departure may have slowed the speed of Fleetwood Mac's reunion, but the remaining quartet set to work writing and recording a new album.

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The resulting Say You Will appeared in April of ; it was their first studio album in eight years and the first in 16 to feature Buckingham and Nicks. Say You Will performed well -- it went gold in the U. Adult Contemporary Top 20 -- and the accompanying international tour was a success.

After a few quiet years where Buckingham resumed his solo career and the group unsuccessfully courted Sheryl Crow as a replacement for Christine McVie, they reconvened for a tour in Four years later, the group celebrated the 35th anniversary of Rumours with a new deluxe box reissue accompanied by a tour.

As the tour got underway in April, the band unexpectedly released a four-track Extended Play of new material; it received good notices and entered the U. In January of , the band announced that Christine was rejoining the group and they started recording a new album. The progress on the album was slow and steady, partially due to individual solo projects, partially due to interruptions caused by the band's ongoing world tour; they played international dates in both and As the group continued to chip away at their new record, they released a Super Deluxe reissue of Tusk in time for the holidays of , which was followed the subsequent fall by a Deluxe reissue of Mirage.

Fleetwood Mac - Dreams [with lyrics]

Further catalog reissues followed in the next few years -- Tango in the Night received a Super Deluxe treatment in , while their eponymous album got an upgrade in early -- but the bigger news in Fleetwood Mac circles was Buckingham and McVie recording a duet album together in Initially planned as a new Fleetwood Mac album, the set -- entitled Buckingham McVie, echoing 's Buckingham Nicks -- turned into a Lindsey and Christine project once Stevie Nicks decided to concentrate on her solo career.

This turned out to be the last concert Buckingham would play with Fleetwood Mac. Ryan Adams, currently mired in sexual harassment charges raised by a story in the New York Times last week, is being abandoned in droves at Adult Album Alternative radio stations around the country. In this two-minute trailer, we get glimpses of singer Vince [ You will be redirected back to your article in seconds.

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35 Years Ago: Fleetwood Mac Recover With ‘Mirage’

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