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I just updated my system to Photo and I cannot access my pictures in Finder - the option show file in Finder is not available. What should I do? Posted on Feb 14, Nov 13, Click the " Show in Finder " button in the dialog box. Right-click and select " Show Package Contents", this will show a directory listing. Feb 14, You can only reveal referenced image in the Finder, that you manage yourself and have not been copied into the Photos Library. The management of original files in Photos is much more complicated than in iPhoto, so it does not make much sense to reveal the originals.

Photos can contemporarily have several copies of them - in the Masters folder, in iCloud, or in a folder with temporary items. And if you are using "Optimize Mac Storage", there may be no file to reveal at all, because the only copy will be in iCloud and not on your MAc. Page content loaded. Simple - you can not - and actually you never should have - there are supported and very successful ways to access your photos - use them - either the Photo application, exporting from the Photos application or the media browser - although this is for iPhoto is is still most applicable to Photos - How to Access Files in iPhoto.

Apr 25, 7: I have the same issue as Simonevm, and I guess Leonie is right. But Apple must have some idea on how people would work with photos in other application than photo. I mean Photo is super basic. I have an Album in photo with pics and video.

How to Get Access to Photos Master Image Files in Mac OS Quickly with an Alias

Do I really have to export photos and videos, then import to Final cut pro? Also, if someone know of a simple software that can mix video and photo, let me know. Final Cut Pro seems like an overkill.

Apr 25, 8: Yes I most certainly know that iPhoto and Photo are different programs and in both it is exactly as I stated - it is for iPhoto but is mostly applicable to Photos - what part of that is confusing to you? Bottom line is that in either program you do not and should not use the finder to access your photos - you use the application , the media browser or export them. Apr 25, In iMovie it is similar. I can browse the photos and videos in my photo libraries from iMovie and drag them to the timeline of an iMovie project without having to import them to iMovie.

The good integration of native Apple applications is one reason why I am not switching to a third-party photo database application. I like the integration of the Apple applications with the Media Browser. If the user changes files, or structure, the database will be corrupted and images and edits get lost. Does anyone know if the copy to iphotos instead of move takes advanatage of the apfs space efficiency? Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited.

Enter your email address below: Posted by: May 21, at 1: Stu says: May 21, at 7: Chris Johnson says: June 1, at Marcel says: There is another way to get the original: Create a new media show in the toolbar. Select one or multiple entries in the table list and confirm. It will import all media of the selected list entry or entries. For people shooting in RAW format is the worst! Drag and dropping the file makes it a JPG. Tedious stuff… then you have to re-import the edited ones. I completely agree! Option 2 is incorrect. When you drag and drop it creates a duplicate file, but it is compressed.

WTF people? This is absolutely insane. For Every 1 cool think Apple does they do 5 un-cool things. So simply tag the folder any color you want. There are all your iPhone photos with image names. Any ideas for a quick fix email insert? F Apple, this photo app is a dook load. Think of the workflow required for an aged person who wants to take a picture on their iphone and put the original quality photo onto ebay? Then I tried opening the upload dialog which uses finder and dragging the photo there — no dice. The drag to desktop work around is pretty simple…and messy.. I would be intuitive and build into the app.

I used Spotlight to find a picture. Then I went across the bottom to find Masters in list. I then dragged it to the Favourites list in a Finder window. Thank you for the article. I am trying for 3 hours now finding the original files of my pictures in the new Photos app… that should not be! Back to stone age! Shame on Mac! The get info, copy filename, then search was not working for me searching using finder but did in spotlight.

Top right magnifying glass I must admit I have never used spotlight ever until now! This will allow you to export multiple files and also determine the file format, metadata and naming. Two ways of doing this: Thanks for posting. I found all of these very helpful. Hopefully they bring it back… if not you helped me find the pictures. Thank you. This is such an unbelievably stupid and disgusting thing.. All i wanted to do is copy a video i had made on my old iphone which is now just a camera to my macbooks desktop to upload to facebook… but would it drag and drop to the desktop or downloads folder?

OK so use the Show in Finder option… it was not there! In the end i opened the photos package, couldnt find the file until i looked at this article and they said i should look in the MASTERS folder and they are there! Wtf is the logic behind this?? Such squat… my Mac never used to make moving content about so hard.. I hate Photos as much as I hate Itunes. This will not work if the photo comes from phone via iCloud. Best option is to export to desktop or other folder and work with that file. Absurd decision. Tim Cook just trying to emulate all the bad qualities of Steve Jobs, like elitism and micromanagement of the user, with none of the good qualities, like innovation, efficiency and intuitive interface.

I am so over it. I have nearly 20k photos and this is just not working for me any longer. The only thing that these updates are doing is driving me to consider buying a PC. One more tip…after you navigate to the Masters, under File in the finder, choose add to Sidebar. I found another way of doing this to be quite easy and you will find the original photo in this way.

How to Create a Quick Access Shortcut for Master Image Files from Photos App in Mac OS

Copy the picture name, e. Used to love macs, but PC is more user friendly now to make movies and burn them to disc if I choose. Janet, it took me about 2 minutes to read this article and show the original file of a picture in the Finder of my Mac. If you take a month to read articles, I would suggest reading it sooner so you can find your pictures on the Mac sooner. Movies are not pictures, movies are not Photos app. Stay on topic Janet, and you can find your original picture files too.

It wasnt that easy and its still a hassle. Look at the comments on here. Apple used to be the plug-in and play system. Crazy how Windows is picking up where Apple dropped off. The solutions here still work fine in Photos app, Photos app has never changed.

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You can still access the original file using the tips here. Easy solution and no complaining necessary. This is the most frustrating aspect of a Mac. For those of us who manage images from multiple sources, the fact that anything taken directly from an iPhone — an increasingly common source of images — is effectively hidden from the user is a genuine problem. It is unacceptably difficult to get the core files into a digital filing system, integrated with images from proper cameras which are easily imported without this ridiculous ap.

It reflects a deeply patronising view of the consumer, in this case manifested very clearly: Well, guess what? Making good computers and good devices is one thing; understanding EVERY consumer is another and the restrictions imposed by this latest app, the absence of clear ways to remove it from the workflow and, particularly, the continued complaints from frustrated users indicate that this app is no good. Either way, just show me the files in finder.

Straight away. If you only want to mess about with one or two, fine… No good when looking at several hundred images. Simon, you will also find this article has no recipes about a good guacamole either! No guac recipe?! Then in the terminal, for my example used: Thanks for the idea!

Download iCloud Photos to your Mac

Dealing with managing a bunch of photos on USB-attached drives and this will help. Can i get a little clearer step by step? So frustrating! I was able to open terminal, command to pictures, but then what? Convoluted but it gets you there. Thats just downright shameful. As one who has defended Macintosh and Apple since , I have no defense for this controlling, manipulative alteration in the way that Apple now forces the user to interact with their images.

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Another user-unfriendly experience. F Apple. Bummed that I invested in a new macbook. It shall be the last. Yes, this is maddening. I just want to be able to locate my files, then move them where I want, including to an external hard drive.

Where Are My iPhoto Photos Stored On My Hard Drive?

And for that reason, doing the above individually! It was so easy on my previous PCs — all files visible to do as I will. Agree with above that it is another user-unfriendly experience. I drag and dropped a file from Photos onto the desktop. The original 2. Is this acceptable? You love Photos app, it is your favorite app. You love every Mac update, they make things better.

Up is down. You love them, you love to update your Mac. You think Photos is the best. I use other method so I have full control of my file. I store all my personal media files on a dedicated storage for easy access and back up. In Finder: The opensnoop command basically writes all the file access on disk, so it will display something like:. I am a backup fanatic I have an external hard drive that I use regularly , but I also like to archive to DVDs that I keep in chronological order hence my complaint about the discontinuation of internal burners.

The short version is that, I was able to set up a folder on my desktop to hold multiple export multiple files and did so. Then I highlighted multiple files and exported them from the unmodified originals into this folder. Name required.

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